Clean and Care for Your Upholstered England Furniture

Many England Furniture pieces are upholstered items and knowing the proper way to care for your upholstered England Furniture products will help extend their life cycle. Consistency is the key and basic maintenance of your upholstered England Furniture is not difficult when you keep these following tips in mind.

Make sure that you choose the fabric that is right for you.  Try to consider where the furniture will be located in a room as well as how much it may be used.   Discuss the hundreds of options available to you with your England Furniture dealer.

Be sure to protect the fabric from spills that could cause permanent damage.  If something is spilt on the fabric clean the spill immediately to reduce the chance of staining.  Although many upholstered fabrics have built in fabric protectors to you should act immediately by using a clean cloth to blot up the spill.  Avoid rubbing as this could actually lead to staining. Make sure you avoid cleaners with harsh chemicals that may cause the fabrics to fade and/or lose color and always fist test all cleaners on a hidden area of your England Furniture upholstered product.   You can also refer to cleaning codes typically located on the seat deck – or the underside of the frame – of your England Furniture item.

Turning the cushions is another great way to help prevent wear and tear on your upholstered England Furniture products.  Rotating the cushions help you to maintain their shape and may better ensure even usage.

Vacuuming is a great way to keep your upholstered furniture clean. Make sure you vacuum the furniture at least once per week and especially if you have pets.  You can also consider spot cleaning in between weekly vacuums for additional protection.

Providing consistent care and maintain of your upholstered England Furniture products can significantly help to keep your furniture looking new.

Take Care of Your Wood England Furniture and It Will Take Care of You

England Furniture offers many beautiful wooden items in our catalog and we seek to ensure our customers have information on how to best care for these England Furniture items.

England Furniture wood items can be one of your best investments.  Proper care and maintenance can result in products that last for years and years.  Even some simple steps – and some tender, loving and care – can help your England Furniture pieces to look new.   A few things to keep in mind are:

  • If a spill occurs on your England Furniture wood piece be sure to wipe the spill immediately using a clean, moist, white cloth.  Cotton and lint free are preferable.
  • Be sure to keep chemical cleaners and solvents away from your wood furniture as many can eat into the wood finish.
  • Consider creating a boundary between the wood finish and those items you are writing on.  For example, place a piece of cardboard or a few sheets of paper underneath any paper you are completing with a pen or pencil.  This can reduce the potential for pressure marks that can be cause by writing instruments.

These simple steps can help you to embark on a journey that seeks to keep your quality England Furniture wood items lasting for years to come.

Maintaining the Wood Finish on Your England Furniture Products

Wood furniture is still among the most popular furniture styles.   Despite this fact, however, there is not always clear information regarding ways one can properly maintain the finish on their wood furniture products.   England Furniture wants all of you England Furniture wood items to have a long and healthy lifespan.   Here are some tips to consider as you provide care and maintain to your England Furniture wood pieces.

Be sure to keep your wood furniture out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Exposure to sunlight may cause cracks in your England Furniture piece or it may cause it to have an aged appearances.  If the placement of your wood furniture must be exposed to sunlight try to minimize the exposure with curtains.

Always proceed with caution when using cleaners on your England Furniture wood products. Any wood furniture item should not be exposed to the harsh chemicals that may reside in some cleaners.  Before you use any type of furniture cleaner make sure the product states on the label that it is safe for use on wood.  Cleaners that are specifically formulated to remove dust are perfect for many England Furniture wood products.  Don’t forget to first dust your wood furniture before cleaning so to maximize your results.

Avoid placing extremely hot or extremely cold beverages directly on the wooden surface.   Use a coaster!  This is a simple, yet effective, way to keep the wood finish on your England Furniture piece looking good as new.

The England Furniture Malibu Sectional

England Furniture Malibu Sectional

The Malibu Sectional (2400)

Decorate your favorite room with the Malibu collection by England Furniture. The Malibu collection has clean lines, welted seat cushions and versatile seating. This collection also features contrasting throw pillows which helps to enhance a modern look. This England Furniture collection also features unique Interloch® connections which help to keep your sectional pieces together. All seat cushions include a 10-year DuraCushion® warranty.

England Furniture Company Care Stats

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