Maintaining Finishes

England Furniture Reviews Winter Care Tips for Wood Furniture

When the weather outside is cold you and your family may not being the only ones suffering. Wooden furniture has three archenemies: heat, sunlight and, low humidity . All three of them can work their hardest against your furniture during cold winter months.

england-furniture-review-winter-care-furniture-tipsHeat from nearby fireplaces, a hot air vent or radiator can be more extreme than the heat of summer. Avoid placing solid hardwood furniture directly in front of radiators or other heat sources. While the temperatures in your home is likely lower than during the summer months, some areas of your home are much warmer. Use care when placing your furniture in any given room and do not block a heat vent.

Sun damage can occur during any time of the year. Consistent, direct, intense sunlight can bleach a fine wood tabletop. To prevent such damage rotate the furniture in the room periodically. If that’s not possible rotate the individual piece (or pieces) in place and occasionally move accessory items to avoid the possibility of marks on the surface.

Indoor winter air can be extremely dry. As cold air is brought in and warmed to room temperature, its capacity to absorb is greatly multiplied. This “thirsty air” draws moisture from all kinds of sources. Consider a humidifier to keep your home’s relative humidity around 30 percent. Also keep in mind that sudden changes in humidity are not good for wood furniture. Try to keep the humidity levels as consistent as possible whenever possible.

Finally, heat, sunlight and low humidity aren’t the only culprits during winter. If you have snow, salt and/or cinders on your gloves be sure to not touch wooden furniture with them.

Maintaining the Wood Finish on Your England Furniture Products

Wood furniture is still among the most popular furniture styles.   Despite this fact, however, there is not always clear information regarding ways one can properly maintain the finish on their wood furniture products.   England Furniture wants all of you England Furniture wood items to have a long and healthy lifespan.   Here are some tips to consider as you provide care and maintain to your England Furniture wood pieces.

Be sure to keep your wood furniture out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Exposure to sunlight may cause cracks in your England Furniture piece or it may cause it to have an aged appearances.  If the placement of your wood furniture must be exposed to sunlight try to minimize the exposure with curtains.

Always proceed with caution when using cleaners on your England Furniture wood products. Any wood furniture item should not be exposed to the harsh chemicals that may reside in some cleaners.  Before you use any type of furniture cleaner make sure the product states on the label that it is safe for use on wood.  Cleaners that are specifically formulated to remove dust are perfect for many England Furniture wood products.  Don’t forget to first dust your wood furniture before cleaning so to maximize your results.

Avoid placing extremely hot or extremely cold beverages directly on the wooden surface.   Use a coaster!  This is a simple, yet effective, way to keep the wood finish on your England Furniture piece looking good as new.