England Furniture offers many beautiful wooden items in our catalog and we seek to ensure our customers have information on how to best care for these England Furniture items.

England Furniture wood items can be one of your best investments.  Proper care and maintenance can result in products that last for years and years.  Even some simple steps – and some tender, loving and care – can help your England Furniture pieces to look new.   A few things to keep in mind are:

  • If a spill occurs on your England Furniture wood piece be sure to wipe the spill immediately using a clean, moist, white cloth.  Cotton and lint free are preferable.
  • Be sure to keep chemical cleaners and solvents away from your wood furniture as many can eat into the wood finish.
  • Consider creating a boundary between the wood finish and those items you are writing on.  For example, place a piece of cardboard or a few sheets of paper underneath any paper you are completing with a pen or pencil.  This can reduce the potential for pressure marks that can be cause by writing instruments.

These simple steps can help you to embark on a journey that seeks to keep your quality England Furniture wood items lasting for years to come.