Everyone loves their pets but not every pet lover wants to allow their furry friends to play with – or rest on – their England Furniture pieces.    People with cats in the house often become distressed by the scratch marks left on their England Furniture upholstered chairs.  Dog lovers often stop feeling the love when they begin to notice dirty paw marks on their England Furniture loveseats.   Pet owners in general are often concerned with the problem of pet hair left on their England Furniture sofas.     What follows are some guidelines that pet owners may consider when choosing and/or maintaining their England Furniture products.


If your cat loves to scratch your furniture try to create a barrier between the furniture and your cat’s paws.  Some people have found that covering the arms of their couch with plastic wrap helps to protect their England Furniture.   Others have found that placing double-sided sticky tape on the arms acts as a good deterrent.


People who are experiencing problems with their dogs lounging on their favorite loveseats can consider a number of methods that may stop the behavior.  The most important step is to create a soft, comfortable spot for your dog.  Dogs will be much less likely to climb on your furniture sofa if they have a clear place on their own.   A second step is to train your dog to not jump on your favorite England Furniture pieces by making them unavailable for a significant period of time.   You can simply boxes or upside-down chairs on your furniture.  Others have affectively used furniture mats, static mats or upside-down carpet runners to train their dog to stay off the furniture.


If you decide to allow your cat or dog to rest on some of your England Furniture products there are some tips you can consider to address the issue of the pet hair often left behind.  First, choose England Furniture fabrics that attract less hair.    Leather is easy to clean and pet hair doesn’t stick to leather furniture easily.   Suede furniture is also generally easier to remove pet hair from than other fabrics.  Microfiber is also a choice worth considering and is not a hair magnet.  Avoid fabrics that are nubby or heavily textured as your pet’s claws are more likely to get stuck in these types of fabrics and they could simply be seen as more fun to play with by your pets.  If you are ever uncertain about which fabrics are the best choices as a pet owner contact your local England Furniture dealer for guidance.


There are some owners of England Furniture who want to try to seek a compromise with their pets that simply want to lounge on the furniture with everyone else.   These compromises can include the use of furniture slipcovers.  Others simply place blankets or sheets over their sofa and loveseats to catch the dirt and hair.  Finally other England Furniture owners have designated one piece of their furniture as the place for their pet to reside.   Some keep an older chair or loveseat in the room so their furry friend can relax with the rest of the family.