How can I create a customized England product?

The England Furniture website contains a large customization section that includes various fabrics, colors and patterns you can choose for sofas, loveseats, sectionals and more.  There are countless options for color, fabric texture, patterns and much more! Click here to begin your own customized England Furniture project!

What makes England furniture products different from their competitors?

England Furniture takes pride in each product we create and every England Furniture product is built to last. England Furniture provides considerable information online about our unique manufacturing process. At England Furniture: What’s Inside you can see how a England Furniture sofa is compared to a competitor’s sofa. Differences in springs, frames, padding and cushions are all highlighted during this segment. Check it out now!

Should I rotate my seat cushions? Why is it useful?

Most England Furniture style selections with an upholstered fabric cover have reversible cushions as a standard provision for our customers.  We understand that reversible cushions provide substantial benefits toward the longevity and functionality of the cover fabric and also the cushion foam. Turning the cushions over provides for an even distribution of wear and tear that may accumulate over time and with repeated use. Compression of the seat cushions and force of use may generate an ever so slight shift in the cover fabric.  Over time this shift may distort the original appearance of the cushion.  Turning the cushion over and utilizing the opposite side reverses the effect and helps to restore the original shape.  Cushion rotation should be done bimonthly for superior upkeep.  More frequent rotations are beneficial with conditions of heavy use.

How does England Furniture evaluate their products?

England Furniture cares about the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.  Evaluation of all the materials used to create England Furniture products has always been and will always be one of our top priorities. Our fabrics, for example, undergo ten areas of evaluation.  Our evaluation process includes colorfastness, tear strength, abrasion resistance, seam strength and integrity, yarn ravel and deterioration.  We use these in depth test results not only to validate compliance with industry standards, but also to ensure that each and every fabric meets our standards of quality for long-lasting in-home use.  To learn more about our evaluation processes please visit our England Furniture Quality site.

What types of frames are used in England furniture?

The longevity of upholstered furniture almost always begins with the frame. England Furniture offers our customers a lifetime frame warranty on each and every piece that we build.   Our frames are built from 3/4 and 7/8 inch frame grade plywood and they are then reinforced with hardwood.  You can go to our “England Furniture – What’s Inside” site for more information about how we build our superior England Furniture products.