Stain Resistant Furniture For Your Lifestyle

England Furniture Stain Resistant Fabrics with Livesmart Technology

Ever watch a movie or TV show and fall in love with the furniture? You know, beautiful stark white down couches with a white shag throw rug and glass top coffee table? It can look picture perfect, but if you duplicate the style in a house full of kids and Rover the family pooch, that look might last about thirty seconds. Maybe.

We all want to live in spaces that make us happy and we can more readily do that when we are realistic about our lifestyles and what comes with it. People who enjoy entertaining will have a hard time with furniture that can’t be lived in because spills and accidents happen in life. If you have kids or children visit often, creating an atmosphere that is comfortable for them will end up making your life easier, especially if they wander a little too close to your collection of first editions while sucking on a juice box.

The colors and accessories we choose for our rooms should complement our personalities and accent the things we love. Sometimes it’s safe to have the main furniture be a neutral color and then use pillows and blankets as colorful accents. If you love leather or dark furniture, then you can brighten the room with lighter shades of paint and bright lighting. No matter what you decide, look at your lifestyle and try to match it to your home décor.

We can still fawn over that white furniture, but parents might want to hold off until the kids are a little bit older.

Did you know that England Furniture offers stain-resistant fabrics?

Whether it’s dirty little hands, muddy paws, or a spilled glass of wine, life’s everyday messes happen. LiveSmart fabrics resist the stains made by these everyday accidents. With their moisture repellency and stain resistance, LiveSmart fabrics keep your furniture looking and feeling as beautiful as the day you bought it.

LiveSmart is:

  • Moisture repellent
  • Stain resistant
  • Designed for heavy duty wear
  • Barrier protection to keep your fabric clean

Revolution Performance Fabrics® by STI and Brentwood Textiles are true performance fabrics.  Woven with Olefin yarn, the fabrics are virtually unstainable, easy to clean, and extremely durable; yet beautiful and soft while also resistant to fading from the sun. Revolution Performance Fabrics® are made with upcycled fibers and have no chemical treatments making them easy on the environment.

How Pet Owners can Clean and Maintain their England Furniture

Many owners of England Furniture items love their pets.  Unfortunately their pets may create unique care and maintenance situations for their England Furniture upholstered and wood products.    The presence of pet hair is common issue for England Furniture pet owners and a number of techniques can assist with the removal of pet hair.  Lint rollers and lint brushes are often used.   Other people have successfully used packing tape or masking tape wrapped around their hand (stick side on the outside) to remove hair.    Rubber gloves, especially those with ridges, and damp sponges can be used.   Rubbing your England Furniture products with a used fabric softener sheet can help to loosen up pet hair before vacuuming a piece of furniture.  Some have even found that rubbing a balloon over their England Furniture item allows static electricity to pick up pet hair.



Another common problem is the presence of dirty paw prints on your England Furniture upholstered or wood pieces.  The first key step is to first allow all muddy or wet paw prints to dry completely.   Attempts to clean wet prints can actually cause the stain to spread into many furniture fabrics.  You should then attempt to remove as much of the dried dirt as possible with a spoon or vacuum attachment.   Then follow the instructions that accompany specifically designed fabric cleaners or try a homemade solution such as liquid dish-washing detergent.   If attempting the latter pour approximately 1 tablespoon of detergent into two cups of cold water.  Dampen a clean cloth (preferably white and lint-free) and blog the paw prints until the dirt stains are removed.   Be sure to blot and not rub to avoid possible spreading of the stain.   Dampen another clean, white cloth with water and sponge the England Furniture product with this cloth to rinse out the soapy water.  Then blot the furniture with a clean towel until dry.


If the paw prints occur on wood furniture such as England Furniture end tables first determine if the paw prints have eaten into the wood finish.  Acids found in traces of cat urine and feces, for example, can eat into wood finishes.  If you notice peeling wood or a difference in the wood’s sheen then the prints may be eating the wood finish.  If you determine the wood finish has not been eating follow these guidelines.  Mix some diluted oil soap following the instructions provided on the bottle.  This is typically ½ cup of oil stop for every 1 gallon of warm water.   Dip a clean cloth in the solution and gently rub the prints off in a circular motion.  Then immediately use a dry clean cloth to wipe the area free from any water or moisture to prevent moisture penetration into the wood.   Repeat as necessary and make sure the wood is completely dry.  If desired, you could then apply a thin coat of furniture polish to help to protect the newly cleaned England Furniture wood product.


As always, when using any type of cleaning products on your England Furniture products it is important to be sure to first review all instructions and/or warnings that came along with your documentation.  Also it is often wise to first use the cleaning product on a hidden area of the fabric first to see if any type of discoloration occurs from the cleaning agent you are utilizing.

England Furniture and Your Pets

Everyone loves their pets but not every pet lover wants to allow their furry friends to play with – or rest on – their England Furniture pieces.    People with cats in the house often become distressed by the scratch marks left on their England Furniture upholstered chairs.  Dog lovers often stop feeling the love when they begin to notice dirty paw marks on their England Furniture loveseats.   Pet owners in general are often concerned with the problem of pet hair left on their England Furniture sofas.     What follows are some guidelines that pet owners may consider when choosing and/or maintaining their England Furniture products.


If your cat loves to scratch your furniture try to create a barrier between the furniture and your cat’s paws.  Some people have found that covering the arms of their couch with plastic wrap helps to protect their England Furniture.   Others have found that placing double-sided sticky tape on the arms acts as a good deterrent.


People who are experiencing problems with their dogs lounging on their favorite loveseats can consider a number of methods that may stop the behavior.  The most important step is to create a soft, comfortable spot for your dog.  Dogs will be much less likely to climb on your furniture sofa if they have a clear place on their own.   A second step is to train your dog to not jump on your favorite England Furniture pieces by making them unavailable for a significant period of time.   You can simply boxes or upside-down chairs on your furniture.  Others have affectively used furniture mats, static mats or upside-down carpet runners to train their dog to stay off the furniture.


If you decide to allow your cat or dog to rest on some of your England Furniture products there are some tips you can consider to address the issue of the pet hair often left behind.  First, choose England Furniture fabrics that attract less hair.    Leather is easy to clean and pet hair doesn’t stick to leather furniture easily.   Suede furniture is also generally easier to remove pet hair from than other fabrics.  Microfiber is also a choice worth considering and is not a hair magnet.  Avoid fabrics that are nubby or heavily textured as your pet’s claws are more likely to get stuck in these types of fabrics and they could simply be seen as more fun to play with by your pets.  If you are ever uncertain about which fabrics are the best choices as a pet owner contact your local England Furniture dealer for guidance.


There are some owners of England Furniture who want to try to seek a compromise with their pets that simply want to lounge on the furniture with everyone else.   These compromises can include the use of furniture slipcovers.  Others simply place blankets or sheets over their sofa and loveseats to catch the dirt and hair.  Finally other England Furniture owners have designated one piece of their furniture as the place for their pet to reside.   Some keep an older chair or loveseat in the room so their furry friend can relax with the rest of the family.