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England Furniture Autumn Design - Wreath

Autumn is right around the corner and we’ve recently posted an article exploring some interior design tips for fall on our England Furniture What’s Inside site.

A great way to set an autumnal tone is with your front door!  Create an autumn wreath using your favorite fall-inspired items including vines, pinecones, fall leaves, pumpkins or mums!

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England Furniture and Office Productivity!

Countless studies discussing the relationship between office productivity and the office environment have been released over the past decade.  These studies discuss the importance of lighting, color, acoustics, ergonomic, room temperature, and air quality.  Another key factor is the office layout and the furniture used to design your office space.

The idea of creating an open-office, or a part of your office as an intentional open-space, remains a popular choice.  It is also often viewed as a way to increase employee satisfaction and office productivity.  Whether you’re considering the open-office or open-space, the England Furniture Company encourages you to consider these factors before you make your purchases.


Boring Furniture = Ineffective Employees

Boring office furniture typically creates situations where office materials begin to pile up and clutter the environment.  As a result, people react in one of two extremes – irritation or laziness.   Either way, they tend to increasingly lose interest in their work and their productivity goes down.


Color Matters

As in the case of many interior design situations, color choice matters.  Various studies demonstrate how individuals are affected by one color or another.  But it’s not only the color choice that you should consider.  The intensity of the color (or colors) in your office also matter. Bright colors tend to stimulate the mind, while muted and soft colors tend to soothe us.


A Symbol of Your Culture

Your choice of office design and layout inherently creates a message to anyone who enters the space.  It is a symbol of the company the company culture.   An open-office, or an office with an open-space, informs employees that they work for an organization that is honest, transparent; and encourages communications, egalitarian relationships, brainstorming, and creativity.  It can also suggest that managers care about the health and well-being of their employees and team members.  Finally, it lets everyone know they are part of a team seeking to reach common visions and goals.


Cost Effective

If you’re seeking to create an open-office, you may be on track for saving money.  Open offices are typically much more cost-effective in terms of initial set-up, but they are also effective for cleaning, heating, and cooling purposes.  Open offices can also allow for the introduction of more employees, thus giving companies room to grow and expand without having to relocate.

England Furniture Open Office Sofas
England Furniture Lucy Sofa


Are you planning to take some steps towards creating an open-office or open-space?  Everyone loves the coffee house look and many of our England Furniture sofas are a great way to create an open, creative, and collaborative space.


Setting up your man cave

What is a man cave?

A man cave simply refers to a special place that is dedicated to a man’s pursuits – including spending time with his friends or his hobbies. A man ought to fill his man cave with the essence of the things he enjoys, from a well-stocked bar and sports paraphernalia to a dart board or pool table. A range of vintage and classy furniture can also be used to accessorize a man cave.

How to set up a man cave

England Furniture Litton Rocker Recliner
England Furniture Litton Rocker Recliner

Men can do plenty of things in their man cave. Nonetheless, one needs to first learn how to make and/or set up this special place. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Step 1: Prepare the Space – In preparing the space, choosing a space is the primary thing to do. The cave can be an unused bathroom, basement, garage, or attic. After choosing the space, one can install sound proof material, do some painting and/or add some lighting and curtains.
  • Step 2: Install Entertainment and Furniture – Fill you mancave with comfortable England Furniture sofas and England Furniture recliners. Choose fabrics that can handle stains from food and beverages so you can feel free to “let loose” in your man cave.
  • Step 3: Decorate the Man Cave – When it comes to decorating, here are some of the things one can do:
  1. Add a couple of signs to the walls
  2. Put up artwork or posters
  3. Display memorabilia, collections and/or trophies

What every man cave must have

Man caves come in different sizes and shapes. One can personalize his by putting as many personal items as possible. However, certain man cave usually include the following essentials:

  • Recliner
  • A mini fridge and/or bar
  • Television
  • Poker table, dart board, or pool table
  • Sports memorabilia or movie posters

Others items can include;

  • Highly comfortable couches
  • A mounted bottle opener
  • Cigar and humidor combo
  • Engraved glass mugs

England Furniture Introduces the Quill Chair

Simple sophistication goes a long way with the beautifully crafted Quill accent chair. Featuring a curved plush back, a tall wooden tapered leg, and perfectly positioned track arms to cradle you in comfort, this chair will not disappoint. With over 400 fabric options, this transitional chair will blend perfectly into any casual setting. Make sure to get the matching ottoman so you can kick your feet up and relax!

England Furniture Proudly Receives National Guard Award

england-furniture-seven-seals-awardEngland Furniture has proudly won the Seven Seals Award from the National Guard. The Seven Seals Award is in recognition of a significant individual or organizational achievement, initiative, or support that promotes and supports the ESGR mission, to include the efforts of the more than 4,700 volunteers who carry out ESGR’s mission across the Nation on a daily basis.

We are grateful for this award and are honored to support our troops!