Routine Care for England Furniture

England Furniture Company - Living Room Group

England Furniture that is maintained with proper care wears longer and will bring you many years of comfort and enjoyment. Proper routine care primarily consists of a regular weekly vacuum and brush.  The accumulation of dust and dirt can produce an abrasive action accelerating deterioration of fiber within the yarns that make up the fabric.

Cushion Rotation for England Furniture

England Furniture - Cushion Rotation

Most England Furniture style selections with an upholstered fabric cover have reversible cushions as a standard provision.  Reversible cushions provide substantial benefit to the longevity and functionality of not only the cover fabric but also the cushion foam. Turning the cushions over and rotating the position provides for an even distribution of any evidence of wear that may accumulate with time and use. Compression of the seat cushions and force of use may generate an ever so slight shift in the cover fabric.  Over time this shift may distort the original appearance of the cushion.  Turning the cushion over and utilizing the opposite side reverses the effect and helps to restore the original shape.  Cushion rotation should be made bimonthly.  More frequent rotations are beneficial with conditions of heavy use.

Cleaning England Furniture

England Furniture couch

Routine care will significantly increase the longevity of upholstery fabric along with maintaining the original shape and appearance of the cushions, filled backs and pillows.  Accidents, however, are sometimes unavoidable.  Spills should be blotted immediately with a clean folded towel.  Do not rub, but blot gently to remove as much of the liquid or material as possible.  Often times this will prevent the development of a stain, particularly if fabric protection has been utilized.